Student Portal

Student Portal - i-Genius App

i-Genius App, the cutting-edge software for School and Education Institute management, paves the way for intelligent educational institutions. Offering a comprehensive, cloud-based school management solution, it seamlessly automates daily administrative tasks while facilitating communication among teachers, students, parents, and staff. The i-Genius App App caters to students and parents, granting them easy access to vital resources. With this application, users can conveniently check their progress reports, monitor attendance, and make fee payments to institutes—all from a single, user-friendly platform.
Attendance Management

Through the student portal, parents can conveniently track their child's daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance records. The i-Genius mobile app also provides real-time notifications to parents, ensuring they stay informed about their child's school attendance and safety.

Message Notification

Our Student Portal offers efficient and cost-effective SMS communication. Powered by i-Genius mobile app, it provides advanced SMS sending options for updating information to students and parents. These messages include alerts for holidays, school closures, due/pending fee notifications, and student absentee updates for parents.


Subject-Specific Online Homework Assignment Through the Student Portal Our Student Portal facilitates subject-wise homework assignments, enabling parents to remotely check daily homework tasks and stay informed about the day's lessons. This empowers parents to support their children's learning by helping them prepare accordingly.

Event Management

Easily Access School Activities and Upcoming Events via the Student Portal Our Student Portal allows parents and students to view and share information about school events. The year-long calendar not only displays all holidays but also highlights school events. This calendar empowers parents to plan trips and family activities without disrupting their child's education.

Holiday List

Parents and students receive holiday notifications through the Student Portal, accessible via the i-Genius App. The app displays all notices related to holidays and provides a list of regular holidays, ensuring everyone stays informed about school closures and breaks.

Notice Board

In the event of critical and urgent notices, the Student Portal ensures that students and parents are promptly informed. Schools can also update important circulars, such as parents' meetings, academic and sports events, and more. This feature proves invaluable, especially during natural calamities and emergency situations.

Timetable Management

The Student Portal, accessible through the i-Genius App App, displays the class timetable for your child or children. Parents can easily view the subjects and their corresponding times, providing a comprehensive overview of the school day's lecture schedule.

Billings & Payments

Our Student Portal offers a hassle-free billing and payment system. Parents receive information about payment dues, admissions, and payment history through an instant messaging system. This enables parents to make timely school fee payments and easily track details of paid fees and outstanding dues.

Exam Management

Our Student Portal empowers parents to access their child's exam schedule. This schedule includes subject details, exam dates, timings, durations, and syllabus information. Parents can also download hall tickets and access their child's complete academic history, enabling them to track their progress throughout the year.

Leave Management

Parents can conveniently request leave for their children directly from the i-Genius App. When the school admin approves or declines the leave request, parents receive instant notifications. Additionally, parents can keep track of the number of holidays their child has taken through the portal.

Library Management

Students can enhance their library experience through the Student Portal. They can search for books online, check their availability and location, all from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, students can enjoy 24/7 access to a multitude of e-books, view the latest editions, and keep track of their book history, enhancing their interaction with the school's library resources.

Transport Management

Our transport management system encompasses defining student bus routes for pickups and drop-offs, real-time bus tracking, assigning bus drivers and conductors to routes, specifying transport routes with pickup and drop times, and enabling parents to monitor the bus's live location, ensuring they stay informed about their child's journey.

Bus Tracker

Our Vehicle Tracker feature allows parents to monitor the real-time location of the school bus their child is traveling in. This feature provides a map route of the vehicle, ensuring that both students and parents have peace of mind by knowing the exact whereabouts of the school vehicle during the journey to and from school.

Jobs Management

Schools can effortlessly post job vacancies on the school website through the Student Portal. Applicants can apply online and submit their forms electronically. Schools can maintain a repository of all resumes, print compiled resumes, and evaluate candidates based on various parameters, streamlining the hiring process.

Live Classroom

Explore the i-Genius App Live Classroom feature, enabling students to 'Learn from Home.' Access live online teaching from any internet-connected device, be it a laptop, computer, or mobile phone. Recorded audio of virtual classroom sessions is readily available shortly after the live class, allowing all students of that class to access it at any time for further learning and revisions.

Video Library

Our Student Portal offers a Video Library feature where teachers can record video classes, upload, and stream them online for subscribed students. These video classes are readily accessible for students to reference or review as homework from the comfort of their homes. Videos are processed in real-time, ensuring immediate availability, and they can be accessed after the class as well, providing an invaluable resource for learning and revision.