Online Students Registration

It enables students to complete their online registration process at any time and from anywhere. Reduce registration workload, OTP verification, No spelling errors, Automate & streamline enrollment process!


Attendance By QR Code, Biometrics & Software

Touchless attendance system at doorstep of institution & bus. SMS & WhatsApp notification to parents on successful attendance with in & out timings.


Admission Management

A comprehensive student admission management system enables educational institutions to manage the enrollment process effortlessly.

Fee Management with Payment Gateway

A fee management system with payment gateway integration & auto receipt genaration facility.
Get fee refund, penalty, concession, tds and many more options!


Online & Offline Examination

Our educational institute management system supports online & offline examination module.
It automates results,certificates & reports process.

Student Registration
Generate link & share with students & get the registration done online.
Attendance System
I-Card QR Scan facility at Entrance for attendace, Biometric configuration.
Students Admission
Complete digital tool to manage your students admission process effectively.
Fee Management
Automates your fee collection, receipts generation, reminders & report system.
Online Examination
Conduct online examination through students web portal & mobile app.

Advanced ERP

Extremely efficient, fast, secure, automated & user friendly ERP for Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Coaching Classes & PreSchools
Student Management

Our institute management software keeps track of all student’s information and leads that can be used for follow up. Tracking of those leads to conversion to admission and document upload.

Administrative Tasks

ZenoxERP is the educational institute management system that manages all administrative tasks like student admissions, payroll, fee receipt, salary, transport, library, internal task assignments with all in one solution.

Students Academics

Our educational insititute management software manages online examination, offline marks upload, Certifications, marksheet, bonafide, TC, LC & other certificates with complete examination reports.

Accounting & Finance

At our educational insititute management system we provide complete modern accounting with in depth P & L, balance sheet, ledger, trial account, purchase, inventory, expenses, journal entries on basis of accrual & cash.

Online Virtual ClassRoom

With our Live classroom feature, users can easily conduct online live lectures. The purpose of the institute management system is ensure real-time engagement of all students & teachers.

Android/iOS Mobile App

To bridge the communication gap between students, parents, trainers, admin etc. mobile app plays a vital role. Admin mobile app helps to keep track & control of institutions performance & activities.

Web Portal

Our ZenoxERP students management system has a facility to create web portal for learning institutions that allows users to publish their courses, categories, training calendar, syllabus etc. that creates awareness about the courses amongst students to enroll.

Student/Parent Portal

ZenoxERP student information management system has a portal for both students & parents. In the portal users can get details about batches, assignments, attendance, due fees & payments, exams, LMS, notice board, e-book, video library and many more.

e Learning - LMS

ZenoxERP educational insititute management software helps users to create assignments, conduct live class room, lectures, quiz etc. In the e learning - LMS module users can upload video's & multiple attachments for the students.

Dashboard & Reports

Here at ZenoxERP educational insititute management system user will get a dynamic & real-time dashboard that comes with all advanced layouts. The reoprts generated through out the applications are really meaningfull & customizable.

Employee Management

With our educational insititute management system institutions can effectively manage their staff. It allows to create unlimited users, it gives role based access to the system, it offers a payroll management, ID card and attendance systems.


ZenoxERP is a educational insititute management system software that allows users to send automatic messages & notifications on specific events such as enquiry, admission, fee reminder, attendance, birthday, exams, etc. using WhatsApp, SMS & emails.

Hostel Management

Hostel management system is a module of ZenoxERP educational insititute management software that can manage hostel activities like keeping records of hostel building, floor, room, bed, tenant etc. It will reduce your manual tasks.

Video Library

An online video library is a secure module to post academic & social videos and share them with students. ZenoxERP student information management system has a student portal where students & parents can log in and check for videos.


ZenoxERP educational insititute management system software helps users to keep records of parents and teachers meetings conducted to discuss students progress & behavior. It allows institutions to conduct Online PTM hence saving time.

e - Book Library

An e-Book library is a digital library that allows students to read books anytime and from anywhere using their portal or mobile app. An e-Book library is a source of knowledge that gives 24/7 availability to the students.


With our educational insititute management system institutions can effectively manage their staff. It allows to create unlimited users, it gives role based access to the system, it offers a payroll management, ID card and attendance systems.

Phone Book Directory

In addition to student, parent and employee contacts, ZenoxERP information management system software allows users to store and manage all important contact lists of organizations. No need to maintain a manual directory for an institute.

Online Shopping Store

In ZenoxERP Institute management system software we provide an online shopping store facility for institutions to sell uniforms, shoes, jackets, books and other essentials to students with online payment gateway integration.

Visitor Management

In our ZenoxERP educational insititute management system software we provide a sophisticated solution that secures your premises. It ensures the safety of your students, employees, visitors and other all members of the institution.

Configurable Settings

We know every institute has different requirements. ZenoxERP is a leading educational insititute management system software that allows users to configure this application according to their requirements with our Preference module.

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Student Information Management System

The Student Information Management System is a module to simplify the data management process for each organization.
  • Our institute ERP saves time and resources by offering online student registration link. This allows students to fill out their own registration form which avoids spelling mistakes. It has OTP validation to get the exact contact number of the students.
  • With full administrative access, the higher management can manage the students information effectively, can track and get centralized report of students from enrollment to certification.
  • Student information management system helps to enhance productivity, no need to maintain files, avoid manual work.

Admission Management System

ZenoxERP is the best educational insititute management system that manage the student enrollment process effortlessly.
  • An admission management system automates entire admission process of institutions with its unique features.
  • Admission management system eliminates paperwork, reduces workload & streamlines the enrollment process.
  • ZenoxERP educational insititute management system has adopted advanced technology to improve admission ratio & institute performance.

Fee Management System

ZenoxERP has a world class fee management system that offers safe, secure, accurate & quick fees collection system.
  • ZenoxERP educational insititute management system sends automated fees reminder before its due, it helps to collect on time fees.
  • It supports online payment gateway integration which allows students/parents to make fee payments at their convenience.
  • Our educational insititute management system generates a variety of fee receipts and helps to send them with an attachment.

Attendance Management System

ZenoxERP attendance management system allows users to integrate QR code based & biometrics system.
  • Our attendance management system helps institute to track records of student and employee in/out timing.
  • It will send automatic messages & notification to parents, admin on successful attendance of students.
  • Make your mobile a QR code scanner to mark daily batch wise attendance in ZenoxERP Attendance management system.

e-Learning (LMS)

LMS is used to help streamline the delivery of online learning for educational institutions, allowing for a more connected and accessible educational experience for students.
  • Customized LMS for all the learning needs of your organization. ZenoxERP is a leading LMS provider for various educational institutes.
  • Our secure and reliable learning platform is customized to meet the functional requirements of Educational Institutions.
  • Our Learning management system enables collaborative & engaging online learning experiences.

White Label Mobile App

ZenoxERP provides a white-label mobile app for schools & educational institutes.
  • A customizable app is perfect for groups running multiple Educational Institutes & Schools.
  • The White Label mobile app offers an effective way to stand out among your competitors.
  • ZenoxERP can be personalized and designed to match individual schools, educational institutes including branding, icons, colors & much more.

Online Payment Integrations

Making collection of School / Education institute fees simple for the administration.
  • Integration of online payment system with the educational insititute management software is not only beneficial to the parents, but also to the school & education institute management.
  • Online payment gateway integration facilitates the parents to pay the fee online using the payment gateway from anywhere.
  • With our extensive experience with payment gateway services and implementations ZenoxERP with mobile app can easily help you out.

Online Shopping Store

ZenoxERP computerized online store feature gives a bird’s eye view of all your essentials.
  • It helps to manage stocks coming in, also maintains the sales and purchases records with date and time.
  • The online store feature allows school, educational institute to manage and organize all the items available in the premises.
  • It includes uniforms, books, stationery items, sports items and other stuff to distribute among students or teachers, and keep track of the same.

Franchise Management

ZenoxERP is the trailblazing franchise software for learning institutions.
  • ZenoxERP franchise management has two division namely organization and branch. Learning institutions are able to expand and to add several branches.
  • With organization user, a learning institution is able to have access to all branches from a single login and in branch user a learning institution is able to open its own branches.
  • ZenoxERP software helps franchiser by providing detailed financial reports on the entire organization. You can manage like student, course, subject, time table, fees schedule, franchise expenditure etc.

Watch ZenoxERP Demo

ZenoxERP software is a user-friendly and all-in-one cloud-based education institute software system which helps you in running your educational institution in a smart and productive way. Take a look at some highlights of our software. Go through the demo to get the overall idea of software.

Automations in our ERP System

Automation speeds up the workflow & reduces human errors!

ZenoxERP educational insititute management Software generates automatic fee receipts upon receipt of payment from the payment gateway.


ZenoxERP educational insititute management Software sends self-reminders to students / parents for a fee. It helps to collect timely fees.


With the help of the system-generated task manager feature, users can get notifications about student follow-up, PDC, fee follow-up, etc.


System will send automatic daily report of total admissions, enquiry, sale, receipts, followps etc. on registered WhatsApp no.

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