Students Information System

Are you looking for an innovative solution to simplify the management of student information? Look no further! The Students Information System is your comprehensive, user-friendly platform designed to empower educational institutions with the tools needed to enhance efficiency and data security.
Enquiry management is the key to turning leads into admissions, and ZenoxERP simplifies this process, ensuring timely communication through emails, phone calls, SMS, newsletters, and special offers, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue. We're also soon introducing lead capturing from various sources, such as Facebook, Just Dial, Shiksha, Indiamart, and more. With ZenoxERP, learning institutions can boost their admissions by up to 40 percent, as it addresses the fundamental challenges faced by existing enquiry management systems after months of rigorous research. Elevate your education institution's success with ZenoxERP today!
"Enhance Admissions and Boost Efficiency with ZenoxERP's Student Information System. Our solution empowers educational institutions to efficiently monitor leads and inquiries, ensuring a streamlined process for converting them into admissions. Enquiries serve as a crucial source of new business opportunities, making effective management essential for maximizing admissions. ZenoxERP's advanced enquiry management can increase your admissions by up to 40 percent. Developed after extensive research, ZenoxERP addresses the fundamental challenges faced by current enquiry management systems in the market. Elevate your institution's success with ZenoxERP today!"
  • It provides quality outlets. ZenoxERP basically enables you to concentrate on the endeavors that are most productive for you. It also gives you the capacity to generate more leads and to be able to automate their improvement.
  • The student information system feature offers high efficiency as all data is well organized and stored for easy access whenever it is needed by educational institutions.
  • The main objective of the student information system is to manage the details of students personal infromation, parents details, address & contacts, enquired courses and fees, lead stages & sources, remarks & follow up date, photographs, bank details etc.
  • It has the facility to upload data in a bulk, assign students to other staff, transfer students to the branches, scheduling live classes for new students as demo classes.
  • This student infromation system exists to simplify information tracking for both parents and administrative staff of any learning intitutes.

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What is the Students Information System?

The Students Information System, or SIS for short, is a powerful and flexible software designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. Whether you're running a school, college, or university, our system is the ideal solution to manage student data efficiently and securely.
Students Details

It helps to maintain records like student's name, parent's details, UID, birth date, gender, marital status, blood group, caste, medium, qualification, marks secured, etc.

Student Contact Details

It keeps a record of students' contact information like present address, permanent address, area, state, mobile number, email id, WhatsApp number, etc.

Parents Info

It has a separate form to manage parents' info in the ZenoxERP. It includes details like father & mother's name, mobile numbers, email id, UID, address, occupation, monthly income etc.

Webcam Facility

In the enquiry management form of ZenoxERP, we have given the webcam facility to capture students' photographs. It also has the option to upload scanned photographs.

Enquiry Details

In this section enquiry taken by, date & will come. The next option is to select the course/fee package, lead source, stage, type, remarks & follow-up date.

Student Bank Details

In the students' information system form, we have the facility to add students' bank details. Institutions can use these details for fee refunds etc.

Document Upload

Click this button to upload student documents such as leaving certificate, aadhar card, pan card, caste certificate, progress report, etc. It can be retrieved at any time.

SMS/Email/WhatsApp Integration

The enquiry management form has the facility to send personalized bulk SMS, emails, and WhatsApp messages to students & parents. Auto SMS option is also available.

Bulk Upload

In the students information form users can upload student data with an excel sheet. Data import rules & notes are there. Users can map lead fields with data fields to upload the sheet.

Bulk Assignment

Here users can assign students enquiry to the sales staff for further procedures like taking followups, admission process, advance fees, scheduling demo classes, etc.

Student Transfer

This enquiry management system provides student transfer option that allow users to transfer students from one branch to another. This option is avail for multicentre.

Schedule Live Class Room

ZenoxERP has the facility to conduct live classes with google meet, microsoft team, zoom meeting and jitsi meet. Users can conduct demo classes before admission.