Admission Management System

Are you seeking an efficient solution to simplify and enhance your institution's admission process? Look no further! ZenoxERP's Admission Management System offers a range of features that can transform your admissions management into a seamless and error-free experience. Here's what sets us apart.
Admission Management System software, exemplified by ZenoxERP, plays a pivotal role in handling student admissions. It encompasses comprehensive student information, spanning previous school records, report cards with passport-sized photos, course selections, marks obtained, qualifications, and family details. Upon admission completion, ZenoxERP promptly dispatches login credentials to the student's email. Among the standout features of this Admission Management System software is the capability to generate personalized reports, facilitating insightful statistics on student admissions.
ZenoxERP's Admission Management System boasts a user-friendly installment payment feature, allowing for flexible fee payment options. These installments can be conveniently preset in the master and admission records. Once admissions are approved, ZenoxERP seamlessly transfers student and staff details to the institution's records and registers, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. Discover the remarkable benefits of utilizing ZenoxERP's exceptional Admission Management System.
  • Experience the efficiency and accuracy of the Admission Management System. Unlike manual admission processes burdened with paperwork, ZenoxERP ensures a smooth transition. School officials no longer need to handle numerous paper applications from students across the country and overseas. With ZenoxERP, students from around the globe can effortlessly apply to higher education institutions. Say goodbye to inconveniences that can't be prevented in manual processes, such as disease transmission. ZenoxERP eliminates these challenges, offering students unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.
  • Enhance your logistical efficiency with the Admission Management System. ZenoxERP ensures that schools never run out of application forms, relieving students from concerns about prints and the success of their applications. For prospective higher learning institution applicants, our software provides guidance by indicating mandatory fields to fill and offers a standardized platform for application submissions.
  • Achieve cost-effectiveness with the Admission Management System. ZenoxERP slashes expenses linked to manual admission processes by providing swift access to student databases and records. It expedites application processing, streamlines candidate filtration, and eliminates the need for extensive manpower traditionally required in manual admissions. Experience substantial cost savings while improving efficiency.
  • The Admission Management System opens doors for students nationwide and internationally, facilitating hassle-free admissions without the need for physical presence at the institution. With just an internet-connected device, students can complete the admission process with ease. Experience the convenience of remote admissions with the Admission Management System.
  • The Admission Management System offers consistent updates. With ZenoxERP, parents, guardians, and students receive ongoing notifications regarding their timetables, attendance, exams, results, fee details, and various other activities, keeping them well-informed at all times.

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What is the Admission Management System?

The Admission Management System is a specialized software designed to make the student admissions process easier for schools and colleges. It includes features like online application forms and document verification, which simplify the process and save time and money. It also helps keep students and staff informed through timely updates.
Student Information Section

Here, users can effortlessly input student's names, divisions, mediums, admission status, transport details, and more. The system automatically retrieves students' names and photographs from the student info database.

Standard/Course Details

In this section, you can conveniently choose the course/standard/fees package for students. These courses/packages are sourced from the master database, and there's a shortcut button for adding new packages.

Admission Details

Admission taken by, Id card, Roll No, Registration No, Invoice No, Date, Academic year, Start and End date etc. details are covered under this section.

Admission Seatings

Here standard/course will load along with subjects/modules. User can assign batches to the students from this section with the course duration.

Fees Details

In this section add fees types, course amount, discounts & discount type if any, apply taxes. Fees details will come automatically if the master is created.

Installment Details

This section is to create installment setup. User can add here due date, fee type, due amount, number of installments etc. Enable Pre-define installment from the master.

Billing Details

Billing details will shows gross total, discount, net total, taxes, adjustments, grand total, royalty payable, admission remarks etc. You will get an accurate billing figure.

Terms & Conditions Details

This section is to apply terms & conditions for the admission invoice. The setup is given in the master. You can apply your own customized terms & conditions.

Recurring Invoice

Admission management has the facility to send recurring invoices. Options such as recurring amount, duration, date, fees type are available to send recurring invoice.

Document Upload

Click this button to upload students documents such as leaving certificate, aadhar card, pan card, caste certificate, progress report etc. It can be retrived at any time.

SMS/Email/WhatsApp Integration

Admission management form has the facility to send personalised bulk SMS, emails, whatsapp messages with an attachment of invoice and admission form.

Students Overview

On the 'View' button user can get details of students overview, admission details, receipts, SMS/email report, progress report, attendance, timetable, journal & activity log.