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Attendance Management Feature

One of the most integral parts of the day to day activities of learning institutions is the student and employee attendance. Generally, attendance tracking and taking is usually a very essential but tiresome job that learning institutions are regularly tasked with. ZenoxERP enables schools to efficiently store attendance of students which can be viewed by parents in the parent's login panel based purely on a timetable. ZenoxERP is a user-friendly module for teachers as it is user-oriented and helps a great deal in the elimination of errors during the process of taking school attendance. Since learning institutions have busy schedules, ZenoxERP helps them to perform this very important task with a little amount of time.

Apart from enabling schools to manage, track, and collect student absences, ZenoxERP also goes further and helps teachers to detect trends that can enable them in the future to predict attendance issues among their students. In institutions of higher learning, lecturers and professors usually have an idea of how difficult it is to manage student absences. ZenoxERP helps to resolve that issue as it allows lecturers to be able to track student absences to be with ease.

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  • Benifit of Attendance Management Software

    • It helps to improve efficiency. Using the customary manual way of tracking attendance is generally a very tiring job and most of the time, issue arise while calculating the work fee of school employees manually. ZenoxERP makes the work of tracking the attendance to be smooth and also eliminates errors when calculating the work fees for employees. This generally improves the productivity and the efficiency of learning institutions.
    • It is accurate and reliable. Before the technological advance that we have today, school staff used to report their work hours manually. This was a big challenge to learning institutions as this process had a lot of loopholes since employees could at times take advantage of the system and give incorrect information. Some employees would also forget to log in the accurate timings leading to a lot of unnecessary loses. ZenoxERP eliminates all these uncertainties as it is fully automated ensuring that the data presented is accurate and also reliable.
    • It is cost effective. ZenoxERP helps to cut the cost of labor that was associated with the manual attendance taking exercise. It is also a onetime investment where learning institutions are only required to purchase it once. Also with ZenoxERP, you get reports without errors which help to avoid wasting time.
    • It helps in regulating. Since ZenoxERP is without flaws that are associated with humans, it provides schools with up to date information regarding employees work hours, net amount owed to them and leaves taken. ZenoxERP provides learning institutions with enough data needed for regulatory compliance against their employees.