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Biometric Attendance Integration Feature

This method is more accurate and helps to ensure that there is accountability and maintains integrity in the system as employees cannot engage in time theft.ZenoxERP's biometric attendance integration is one of the best in its field as it integrates seamlessly with almost any system that the institution might have. This helps to enable bi-directional and also uni-directional communication betwixt systems, which helps a great deal to discourage data entry redundancy. ZenoxERP's software is customizable which makes it be highly effective for human resource management in large and small learning institutions. Its end to end biometric time attendance management system helps schools to effectively manage time attendance and other related analytics such as visitor management and payroll computation.

For large institutions, they can be able to use ZenoxERP's software to restrict employees and non-employees to certain areas. This is important as it helps to increase security inside the school which is paramount to the smooth running and the well being of the institution.

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  • Benifit of Biometric Attendance Integration

    • It helps to increase employee accountability. Since it creates audit trails, it is able to motivate the employees to be accountable for their actions because they know that they can easily be identified and appropriate disciplinary steps taken towards them. Therefore instances, where employees take unscheduled lunches while on duty or even taking an extended and unnecessary break, will be a thing of the past in your school.
    • It is easy to use. The software is not complicated to use as it utilizes modern technology which also makes it have accurate results.
    • It ensures that there is a significant return on investment. By being able to completely discourage and eliminate employee theft, this amazing software is able to help the learning institution to have a positive return on investment. It ensures that employees are unable to find any loopholes to exploit making the company be productive. In the customary types of time and attendance keeping systems, employees are able to steal a lot of time from the institution which makes it lose money.
    • It enhances job satisfaction. This is very useful in a situation where school employees are forced to work overtime. In traditional time and attendance management systems, it was hard to document overtime which ends up discouraging employee as they are not paid properly. That, however, changes completely with this software as it is able to document all the overtime which ensures that employees are paid all their dues. This helps to enhance job satisfaction in the institution.