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Payment Gateway Integration Feature

Payment gateways are currently playing a very essential role in the e-commerce transaction process as they authorize the transfer of funds between buyers and sellers. Payments through e-wallets and credit cards are now the trend and ZenoxERP is not left out as it allows institutions to be able to incorporate a third-party payment gateway. Some of the key features of ZenoxERP which makes it stand out are that it allows for an accounting entry after each and every successful payment completed and it also generates an automatic receipt. ZenoxERP basically provides convenience for the parents and guardians by enabling them to record, reconcile, and process payments directly in your interface.

ZenoxERP encourages learning institutions to conduct business with them by providing them with secured credentials which they can apply in ZenoxERP payment gateway module. This automatically enables parents and students to be able to make payments online from any part of the world and at any time. ZenoxERP automatically updates the system and helps learning institutions, parents and guardians to track the school fees paid and the outstanding invoices. In short, ZenoxERP is the best software for the schools, parents, and students as it is a convenient solution to school fees payment. Some of the features of ZenoxERP are such as; it enables schools to accept recurring payments, it also enables them to accept one-time payments, and it offers all major currencies and payment methods to your students. The following are some of the benefits of using ZenoxERP.

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  • Benifit of Payment Gateway Integration Software

    • It helps to ease the payment process. With ZenoxERP, parent can be able to pay school fees online using different payment methods such as e-payment either from mobile or from a website, net-banking, credit cards, and debit cards. This is very important as it eliminates the stress associated with manual processing of school fees.
    • It is reliable and transparent. ZenoxERP does not allow any fraudulent practices since it has a payment tracking system that traces all suspicious transactions. This ensures that a high level of transparency is always maintained.
    • It is user-friendly. ZenoxERP has a centralized digital school fee management system which enables it to minimize human labor in a big way.
    • It is time-saving. Having to pay school fees manually is usually a very tiring process which can be easily avoided by using ZenoxERP which enables you to pay the fees online. Using ZenoxERP as a gateway, parents can pay fees from any part of the world and at any time.