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In every institution, it is essential to building a culture of accountability and the best way of doing so is by ensuring that your employees respect to time. If a learning institution uses punch cards or the outdated manual employee timesheet, the possibility of employees of such an institution engaging in time theft is very high which costs the school a lot of money annually. ZenoxERP ensures that this does not happen in learning institutions as it seals all timesheet loopholes. ZenoxERP's employee timesheet management system is fully automated and self-sustaining timesheet that helps to increase productivity in the institution.

With ZenoxERP, an institution can be able to make timesheet reports for purposes such as measurement of lecturer's performance, measurement of the estimated time for portion completion, and payment of part-time salaries. This system also enables employees to be able to take breaks, add timesheet details, or even to change job codes with ease. Also with ZenoxERP, the school management can be able to approve, track, and submit employee time anytime and from anywhere. ZenoxERP also enables schools to be able to build employee schedules by shifts and jobs with the option of being able to easily and quickly publish, edit, and share the employee schedule. Some of the benefits of having an employee timesheet management system are as follow.

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  • Benifit of Employee Timesheet Management Software

    • It simplifies payroll processing. This is because ZenoxERP tracks employees working hour on a daily basis. It then provides detailed working hours report on all employees which helps the human resource department of learning institutions in making a determination of the employees' salaries. This is very essential as it goes a long way in minimizing errors in the payroll processing procedure.
    • It is accurate. ZenoxERP provides accurate information which helps to ensure that no employee can give false information about their working hours. This also helps to raise the schools working efficiency as employees are left with no option other than to work hard if they want to be paid more. This also helps to eliminate fraud learning institutions.
    • It increases the productivity. ZenoxERP's employee's timesheet management system motivates employees to be more productive and creative by tracking and monitoring them in real-time. This ensures that there is a positive effect on the learning institution's workforce.
    • It helps to reduce the costs. With ZenoxERP, schools can be able to forecast the labor costs. The system also enables learning institutions to save salaries as a result of reduced overtime expenses and increased productivity. This helps schools to be able to reduce cost and to maintain their allocation for salaries.
    • It helps to point out areas that are in need of improvement. ZenoxERP's daily timesheet maintenance helps institutions to be able to motivate their employees to improve their quality of work which helps to increase the overall productivity within the learning institution. ZenoxERP also helps to point out the areas that require improvement by evaluating the skills of the employees and providing a general overview of their tasks.
    • It helps to improve time management skills since it helps the employees to be able to manage time as required.