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All Over the world, libraries usually depend on library management software so as to be able to manage both the relationships with their members and asset collections. ZenoxERP's library management system is one good example of such a top of the range library management software. It enables the librarian and the students to keep constant track of all the books found within the library, while also helping to document their return dates, and also their issue date. With ZenoxERP, libraries found in multiple learning institutions can be able to keep track of their member profiles and subscriptions, and their documents loans and inventory.

ZenoxERP's library management software is ideal for learning institutions as it is a complete automated solution to a lot of issues concerning the management of libraries. This system is completely automated and enables learning institutions, resource managers, and librarians to be able to manage the information at their disposal in various forms which include print material such as E-journals, articles, books, newspapers, and project reports. Non-print forms include DVDs, CDs, E-journals, and audio files.

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  • Benifit of Library Management Software

    • It is efficient. ZenoxERP simplifies, deploys, and automates the library database seamlessly which makes it easier for your learning institution to be able to benefit from secure cloud services.
    • It enhances monitoring and reporting. ZenoxERP's self-updating records make the library management software to have superb oversight and reporting capabilities. These capabilities in return enable it to ensure that there is material circulation, user tracking, and support efficient bookings. This allows the librarians to be able to know what is available and also what has been borrowed, which helps to minimize theft cases and misplacement of reading materials.
    • It allows mobile access. ZenoxERP allows flexible access to information by the students. This is done through a mobile application which helps to boost the learning institution library use and system engagement.
    • ZenoxERP encourages the ease of use. This is because the graphical interfaces that are used by patrons and other staff are usually easy to use. The main reason why this is like so is that ZenoxERP's library management system was designed with a sole purpose of making the tracking of publications and materials easier. This is a very essential aspect as it enables the students or any other users to be able to come up with a tailor-made workflow which helps to minimize time consumed in accessing data.