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Process of nurturing enquiries until admission is call as enquiry management. Not all enquiries converted to admission we need to nurture them in the process. Nurturing process includes prospectus details by email, follow-up by phone, follow-up by SMS, customer engagement by newsletters, discount offers to customers etc., this entire task should be on time.
ZenoxERP cover this entire task in simple and easy manner, which leads to higher conversion of enquiries and higher revenue. Very soon, we are also launching lead capturing form various sources like Facebook, just dial, shisha, Indiamart and may more.

Enquiry management is very important as it helps learning institutions to monitor both the leads that they get and also the enquiries received, and ZenoxERP helps to do exactly that. Enquiries are generally a major source of new businesses which is important for them to be managed in a proper manner so as to ensure that you convert as many admissions as possible. In learning institutions, an enquiry management such as ZenoxERP helps to increase your admissions by up to 40 percent. ZenoxERP was developed after many months of intense research with the sole aim of overcoming the basic problems that are faced by the enquiry management systems found in the market today.

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  • Benifit of Enquiry Management Software

    • It provides quality outlets. ZenoxERP basically enables you to concentrate on the endeavors that are most productive for you. It also gives you the capacity to generate more leads and to be able to automate their improvement
    • It provides you with numerous income generating actions. For those who are managing a mammoth client base, ZenoxERP provides them with automated solutions which help to save capital on time and on work done. Also, using this application, the return of investment can be measured weekly rather than monthly. Another important work of ZenoxERP is that it enables the users to prioritize the distribution of assets.
    • It enables organizations to be able to reach their targets. In huge institutions and organizations where there are all sorts of individuals working there, ZenoxERP helps to manage issues and disputes that may arise as it gives you the capacity of facilitating sales representatives and distributors. ZenoxERP also has performance management component which helps an organization to identify underperforming employees, this way, the company is able to meet all of its goals by ensuring that its employees are all performing as they should.