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Admission Management Feature

Admission is one of the most essential tasks of any learning institution and ZenoxERP simplifies that very important process. Admission management software such as ZenoxERP is tasked to manage all student admissions and it contains basic details of the students including but not limited to previous school details, a report card that has a passport sized photo, course selection details, marks obtained, qualification details, and family information. After the admission is completed, ZenoxERP sends the login credentials to the student's email address. Some of the features of this admission management software include generating tailor-made reports so as to get statistics of the student admission.

ZenoxERP also has the ability to set number of installments for easy payment of fees amount. The installments can be predefine in master as well as in admission. For those admissions that are accepted, the software ensures it transfers the details of the student or the staff to learning institution's records and registers without any paperwork. The following are some of the benefits of using amazing admission mismanagement software such as ZenoxERP.

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  • Benifit of Admission Management Software

    • It is more efficient and accurate. Since there is no paperwork involved, the admission process moves really smoothly compared to manual admission process where school officials are forced to accept a lot of paper applications for students from all across the country and even at times from abroad. With ZenoxERP, students from all over the world can easily apply to institutions of higher learning without any issues. In the manual admission process, there can be a lot of inconveniences that cannot be prevented such as disease, but ZenoxERP ensures that these kinds of inconveniences are effectively eliminated, which gives students a sense of hope and convenience that is unmatched.
    • It helps to improve the logistics. With ZenoxERP, schools cannot run out of application forms and the students do not have to keep worrying about the prints and most importantly whether their application will go through. For those applying for higher learning institutions, this software notifies them on which fields are a must to fill and also gives them a uniform platform for filling their applications.
    • It is cost effective. ZenoxERP significantly reduces the costs associated with manual admission process as it offers a quick access to the database and records of students. It also ensures that applications are processed faster and helps to filter out candidates. This software, therefore, ensures that learning institutions do not have to employ a lot of manpower that is required to effectively handle manual admission process. This is what makes the costs to go down significantly.
    • It enables students from all across the country and even abroad to be able to be admitted into universities and other learning institutions hassle-free as there are not required to be physically present at the institution during the admission process. All they need is to have a device that has an internet connection and they are good to go.
    • It provides regular updates. ZenoxERP ensures that parents, guardians, and students are constantly informed about their timetable, attendance, exams, results, fee information, and other activities.