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The collection of fees and its management is usually a very important process in any learning institution. ZenoxERP helps to simplify this complicated procedure by managing the fees collecting process in schools. It offers parents, guardians, and students with options as they can be able to pay school fees using the web or even mobile-based fee scheduling. This in return helps to drive the revenue of the school through the roof as a result of an increase in fee collection and also due to the elimination of losses. ZenoxERP is also able to provide the latest reports on the aging of student accounts and fee dues which help institutions in decision making. It also allows parents to be able to create their fee plans and learning institutions to customize their revenue collection.

ZenoxERP communicates to both teachers and students on fee issues and also communicates with the parents by sending them fee reminders via SMS or even emails. With this software, teachers and students can be able to view fee payments. Parents, on the other hand, can also be able to check their student's fee balances and make payments that are immediately posted to the account of the student. Benefits associated with this system include.

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  • Benifit of Fees Management Software

    • It provides account management. When creating an account, the student usually leaves his/her demographic data, parent's or guardian information, and contact details and this software help to post fees for various activities in the student's accounts.
    • It is user-friendly. This is because ZenoxERP ensures that the fees handling process is easy and hustle free as it has no paperwork. This makes parents and students feel comfortable.
    • It is flexible and customizable. ZenoxERP enables its users to be able to customize fee structure purely based on the user's unique needs. It also presents the learning institutions with the ability to edit or add fees, to set discounts, and to collect penalties easily.
    • It is secure. This is because the system is fully automated and has role-based access control in multi-user surroundings. This helps to eliminate uncertainties associated with manual fee management where theft is usually possible. ZenoxERP also ensures that you are able to manage your account with ease.
    • It is transparent. This is because ZenoxERP greatly improves learning institutions cash management as it allows for transparency on all the payments made by automatically tracking any fraudulent or even suspicious transactions. In customary fee management where a lot of paperwork is involved, it is usually hard to account for the transactions completed which are not the case with ZenoxERP.