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For learning institutions just like it is for many other businesses, keeping their accounts is very important not just because it is necessary and keeps the taxman pleased but also because it helps in developing, evaluating, and understanding the business. ZenoxERP helps schools to achieve all that by providing in-depth accounting starting from balance-sheet, trial balances, and Profit & Loss. This software enables manage your institution without a glitch as it takes care of the income, the bank book, institution's expenses, receivables, payables, cash book, among many other responsibilities. With ZenoxERP by your side, all you need to do as an institution is to handle the daily administration and the software will do the rest for you.

Ensuring that your accounts are in order is very critical as they speak volumes about your learning institution. Schools are usually notified of impending danger by the state of their accounts and it is therefore important to ensure that they are well catered for. For any form of business to be successful, it must be able to familiarize itself with its accounts and also to be able to keep track of the accounts. ZenoxERP helps schools to do just that as it makes reviewing the accounts to be easy and to the point. ZenoxERP's balance sheet with Profit & Loss software has a lot of amazing features. Some of those features include the ability to be able to provide quality reports to both creditors and advisors

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  • Benifit of Accounting Management Software

    • It provides learning institutions with a basis for forecasting. This is because schools are also businesses and therefore it is mandatory for them to create budgets and forecasts that are based on their past performances. The only way of coming up with a budget and a forecast is by first creating a detailed and accurate profit and loss statement which ZenoxERP helps your institution to come up with.
    • Helps to track the institute's performance. Generally, one of the best indicators of the health of any form of business is its bottom-line. It is therefore essential for a school to ensure that its bottom-line is healthy. ZenoxERP helps to come up with a clear profit and loss statement which enables institute managers to be able to know the direction the school is heading. If the statement is showing a profit then it means that the business is doing great.
    • It is user-friendly. This accounting software is easy to learn and also to use which allows your school to be able to manage its profit and loss statements.
    • It is more accurate. With ZenoxERP's system, there is very little room for mistakes as the whole system is automated compared to the manual system that has a lot of loopholes.
    • It helps to reduce frustration by the management. Since this system will provide the management with all the data that they require, it will help to avoid the frustrations associated with the unknowns in the accounts.
    • It ensures that learning institutions have up-to-date data at all times which is important in the decision-making process of schools.