Mobile App & Web Portal for Student Demo

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Mobile App & Web Portal Feature

ZenoxERP's mobile app for students and parents is dazzling software that helps both parents and students to get all the information that is related to the timetable, student attendance, home assignment, and fees. This mobile application is designed in a way that enables students to get homework assignments, event and holidays via their mobile phones. Parents can also be able to receive their children's progress reports and pay their school fees using their mobile phones. Mobile app for students and parents is very important in every institution as it helps schools to be able to connect with parents and the students.

ZenoxERP app saves parents and student's energy and time as they get to receive all the crucial information they need from institutions instantly. With the help of this amazing application, students can be able to view timetable, principal, and the school administration can be able to send parents important notifications and messages, and teachers can be to take attendance.

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  • Benifit of Mobile App & Web Portal

    • This app goes a long way toward helping to completely eliminate paperwork. Since all types of messages meant for the parents and students are sent using this application, it renders the customary sending of paper messages useless. ZenoxERP enables learning institutions to also do away with the printing of newsletters which also helps to save the institution much need money.
    • It helps to build, support, and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents. ZenoxERP ensures that the school administration and parents are always in constant communication and therefore creating a very productive relationship between them.
    • It is secure. Unlike in the customary emails which can get lost, ZenoxERP's app ensures that all the messages reach their intended target fast and securely. Reminders and even class notes can, therefore, be communicated securely by learning institution's staff to the parents using ZenoxERP's mobile app for student & parent. This ensures that every communication is done on time
    • This application also benefits parents as it enables them to be able to know about upcoming school events on time. This makes the parents to be involved in school activities which help to build a connection, which will help to build a good reputation among parents which will result to increase in admissions.
    • It helps to build parent and student engagement. This mobile app helps to connect parents to their children by ensuring that they participate in school happenings such as extracurricular activities. ZenoxERP's application also offers parents and students with real-time progress reports, which helps to build student-parent engagement.
    • It promotes community involvement. Applications such as ZenoxERP's mobile app makes it easier for institutions to be able to promote fundraisers, contact board members, to publish board meeting, and to be able to link to social events. This app enables learning institutions to be engaged with the general public which turns them into an extremely influential part of the society.
    • It is inexpensive and therefore helps to save money.