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ZenoxERP is the trailblazing franchise software for learning institutions. It is a cloud-based franchise management system that enables franchisors to have a comprehensive view of their entire enterprises. With ZenoxERP, learning institutions are able to expand and to add several branches. ZenoxERP franchise management has two division namely organization and branch. With organization user, a learning institution is able to have access to all branches from a single login and in branch user; a learning institution is able to open its own branches. ZenoxERP also provides franchiser institutions with detailed financial reports on their entire organization.

ZenoxERP helps institutions to be able to manage things such as time management, franchise expenditures, fees schedules, subject, and courses. By doing all this, ZenoxERP allows the students, the parents, teachers, school administration, and the management to be able to perform and to focus on their primary aspect of monitoring and delivering high-quality education. It is also important to note that this amazing software has been designed taking into account the core needs of all stakeholders and users. The following are some of the benefits of using ZenoxERP for franchise management.

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  • Benifit of Franchisee Management Software

    • It helps institutions to expand. For an institution to be able to retain its customers who are parents and students, it must be able to offer high-quality customer relations and service. This is exactly what ZenoxERP does. By ensuring that there is high-quality service in all the franchises of a learning institution, it helps the institutions to retain its clients and to grow even more.
    • It helps the learning institutions to improve their marketing. It does this by enabling the schools to have their very own marketing which gives them much-needed flexibility and freedom. The schematics of a marketing campaign with the help of ZenoxERP can be shared with the institutions head office and other franchises.
    • It enables an inspection to be conducted with ease. ZenoxERP offers the platform where the institution franchisors and franchisee meet so as to interact. This greatly helps to avoid conflict during inspections of franchise outlets by ensuring that they are monitored in real time. A franchisor can be able to tell how the other franchises are doing by looking at and comparing their admission rates.
    • It helps to monitor essential data. ZenoxERP helps to monitor important data from franchises, which include cash flow, expenses, profits, and revenue generated. This is important as it helps to eliminate the need for regular reporting from all the institution's franchises. By providing the learning institutions with extra features such as content management and staff directory, ZenoxERP plays a very essential part in the success of your learning institutions franchise success.
    • It offers amazing agent support. ZenoxERP has a systematic agent support on evaluation, staff selection, and training of the franchise's staff.
    • It offers live support. ZenoxERP ensures that there are immediate solutions to any issues that the franchises might have by providing them with live support. This is very important as it helps in the smooth running of the institutions.