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Bulk SMS & Email Feature

Bulk SMS/email facility such as ZenoxERP allows learning institutions to be able to send bulk SMS to both parents and staff. ZenoxERP facilitates low cost, easy, and quick communication as it is able to send SMS on the mobile phone numbers of staff, parents, and students. Using this software, a school can also be able to send due fees, exam results, and even test results using SMS. This makes things very easy for all parties involved as students also benefit from the software as it enables them to be able to know about upcoming events at the school, attendance reports, holidays, and even extra classes.

ZenoxERP has taken full advantage of one of the most popular modes of communication of this day and age so as to allow quick conveyance of essential messages from learning institutions to parents, students, and to employees. This is very important since today; almost 98 percent of the general population has mobile phones that are capable of receiving SMS. This guarantees learning institution that message that they send using ZenoxERP will be received by the intended target. Learning institutions can even use this form of communication to send its staff and students warning messages in situations where danger is imminent. The following are some of the benefits of using ZenoxERP's bulk SMS/email facility.

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  • Benifit of Bulk SMS & Email Software

    • It is cost effective. ZenoxERP is affordable and it is easy to make payments
    • It offers speed and flexibility. Institutions should be treated just like any other businesses because in the real sense that is what they are. That said, you have to keep in mind that all businesses should be able to react to the fluidity of the current business world and in today's world, adaptability and flexibility are key hence it is very essential for institutions to embrace bulk SMS system. It will enable parents, students and staff to be able to respond to events of the learning institution in real time.
    • It allows for personalization. With ZenoxERP, SMS messages can be personalized so as to suit their intended target. Schools can be able to send SMS that are individually sculpted or that are based on the location of their intended target which enables them to have a very powerful impact on the recipient.
    • It covers all networks. This is a very important aspect as it allows institutions to be able to have alternatives and also helps to eliminate barriers.
    • It helps in the promotion of the learning institutions. Generally, this is done by using promotion messages and it helps schools to expand and grow.
    • ZenoxERP allows schools and other learning institutions to be able to prepare a message template well in advance. They can use this to craft a template regarding the parents-teachers meeting, upcoming events, attendance, change in schedule, result information, and fees due date.
    • ZenoxERP enables an institution to be able to send messages without any limits.